Larry Beckx

3D Sculptures

MUUGI is an exploration in 3D-printing technology in combination with my personal pursuits in art and design – now brought to you as unique sculptures.

Complex patterns beautifully sculpted by mother-nature always fascinated me, especially to discover they express a mathematical (Fibonacci) sequence in their design. This (Golden ratio of PHI) is found all throughout our micro and macro universe, including within our bodies.


Larry Beckx


In school, the visual language of art was to me the most attractive and natural of languages to understand. It interested me also because it was the first subject that addressed us on a more personal level of self-exploration in raw human emotions and perceptions of the world around us.

This reoccurring theme of self-exploration was congruent also in my own works as a developing artist, especially in my youth in finding expression and identity. Today still, it is the basis of my work in now exploring self in the absence of identity. A theme I call no-theme.

Create to understand creation

There’s a 2 step process involved in the development of my work. I first consciously lay out the external portion of the overall idea, followed by an improvisational method in detailing the internal portion, the body. This goes back & forth.

In the external portion, I represent the physical self. I visually illustrate this with imagery of flesh and bones, also thematically addressing our primal desires. Horns are a reoccurring visual topic throughout my work, symbolising our animal counterpart as well as revealing beauty evident in nature. My fascination in naturally created aesthetics led me to discover complex patterns of ‘divine’ proportion, called the “golden ratio of phi”. To my amazement this is commonly traced in elements of both our micro and macro universe. I found this scientific approach to incorporate well into technique, offering a natural familiar feel to design.

In the internal part of my work I visually represent the mind in its complexity, using a puzzling weave of shapes. I support this with fluid forms contrasted in multi-dimensional distorted perspectives, including impossible geometry. This correlates to the mind’s multi layered perceptions in relation to self and truth.

Here I aim to deepen in theme while exploring the essence of self further into a theme of ‘no-theme’ in understanding creation as consciousness. By channeling an unbiased reflection of self in personal self expression straight on to canvas and connecting to consciousness as direct as possible, I adopt a somewhat meditative state of mind in my work process through improvisation. The idea is to be consciously present and create in the moment, also translating the sub-conscious straight to canvas. Somewhat comparable to how clouds stimulate imagination in creating one form to the next.


  • Surrealism – philosophical expression

  • Concept art– theme and expression

  • Graffiti art –identity, expression, graphic style

  • Cubism – multiple perspective

  • Op art – geometry illusion

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